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Phase 2 Mobility’s customer service has always been dedicated to the needs of its customers. We understand the individual needs may vary from customer to customer; therefore our factory trained service staff work directly with them to ensure their complete satisfaction. We service and install a full line of mobility products to help our customer enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Driving Controls, such as steering knobs, hand controls, left footed gas pedals, and accelerator guards are some of the products that give our customers the freedom to drive. Phase 2 Mobility specializes in Vehicle Lift installations, whether it is a wheelchair platform lift, a scooter lift, or a chair topper lift, we can give are customers the ability to be mobile. Customer safety is our #1 concern at Phase 2 Mobility; therefore we install the industries best Tie-Down systems.

We can perform upgrades or new installs. Custom
is the signature of Phase 2 Mobility. We go
above and beyond the normal level of service by
adapting your vehicle to meet your needs.  Before you obtain your next vehicle contact us to ensure the vehicle is adaptable.

Preventative Maintenance is something Phase 2 Mobility is very familiar with. As with any piece of machinery, mobility equipment does require routine lubrication and adjustments.

Email or call today to have your vehicle maintained or adapted by the professionals at Phase 2 Mobility.